Mushroom faced mudshark model Chrissy Teigen poses completely nude while on the beach in the new photos below.

While us virtuous Muslim men find nothing even remotely appealing about this racially ambiguous skank, the depraved infidel masses will no doubt greatly enjoy seeing Chrissy’s unremarkable titties and the AIDS-infested rats nest between her legs.

The fact that Chrissy Teigen is considered desirable in the heathen West speaks volumes on their backwards morally corrupt thinking. Putting aside the fact that Chrissy lays with dirt skins, she still has a frail frame and is narrow-hipped. Thus Chrissy is unlikely to birth more than three children and last more than one or two growing seasons performing hard labor in the fields. In other words Chrissy is damn near completely worthless as a woman, and should be recycled into fertilizer post haste.


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